Can anyone learn a language and do you need to have a talent for languages?

I’ve always enjoyed those podcasts where I feel like I really get to know someone and for me a lot of that comes from knowing what has made them the person they are today, and so in this first  podcast episode I wanted to give an introduction to myself and how I came to be working in languages. I also discus the types of people who can be successful languages learners, what the role of talent plays, and the most important things you need to be able to learn.

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Find out what we’ll be talking about on the FruitfulFunFluent podcast and what the most important thing you need to be able to learn another language is.

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Anyone can learn a language if they REALLY want to.
Yes that’s right I’m putting it out there because that’s what I really do believe.

Hi I’m Kelly and, like many other people in the language world, I’ve no special talent for learning languages, just a love for them, the desire to learn them, and the focus and discipline to follow through on that desire.

Join me as I share my own experiences, tips, tricks, and occasional pearls of wisdom if and when they pop up. And, also learn from others through conversations and interviews I share here with you.

Language learning should always be fun and so if you’re after deep conversations about grammar, or if you are indeed the grammar police please find another podcast! This is a podcast to inspire and motivate people to reach their language goals not bore them to tears with conversations about grammar, or make them feel bad about making mistakes, not understanding or knowing something, let’s leave that to the English teachers…

Only joking, though in my experience they do tend to be harsher critics than teachers of other languages. Which, as a native English speaker, I think is both interesting and a shame.

So let’s get to know each other, head over to the first episode and I’ll see you there.