My Approach to Language Learning

Hint: Fun Should Be Your Top Priority

Hate studying? Then make it fun!

Imagine using your hobbies to help you learn.

Could you learn about golf in Portuguese, Scuba diving in Greek or photography in Russian? Use your love of reading and read books in Finnish, German or Polish? Use your love of cooking to find recipes in French, Italian or Serbian?

The possibilities are endless.

I’m not a language teacher

I don’t teach you a specific language but coach you through the process of learning a language and help you maintain it. You can think of me as a language fitness coach. This is both different and complementary to a language teacher and can be applied to any language.

Being coached on how to learn is just as important. Understanding your best ways of learning makes all the difference to your success.

Teachers often teach in the way they were taught, or what works for them. Few people are working with others to help them discover their best learning styles and guide them as individuals to become independent learners.

When working with me most people study the actual language on their own and use a tutor specialising in the language only as a resource for when they need to check things, or to practice conversation with. Despite what I’ve said not all language teachers are bad!

Be in charge of your own learning

Imagine being able to choose only topics that are relevant and interesting to you.

If you’re not going to be visiting the bank in Croatia but would love to talk about your travel plans or ask a girl out on a date then concentrate on that.

You don’t need to be restricted by topics in a book, if you even choose to use a book at all!

Want to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend because you can’t speak her language?

I’ll help you speak a language in just four months.  Book your free, no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more.  At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.

I won’t do all the work

I believe that it’s more beneficial to give someone the skills to do something rather than do the work for them. It’s better to teach people how to learn and find the answers to problems for themselves. To become independent learners.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
– Chinese proverb.

This has shaped my business today and is why I choose to take a coaching approach rather than be a traditional language teacher.

Get real life experience and learn from native speakers

Books will only teach you so much, the beauty of languages happens when you use it, and especially when you talk with people.

Native speakers are the best resource you can have

Without my Afrikaans friends I wouldn’t know that the word I’d been using to talk about a friends business was actually implying that it was of a shady nature, which it’s definitely not!

I help my clients find native speakers to practice with.

Native speakers are the best resource you can have for learning a new language

Native speakers are the best resource you can have when you’re learning to speak a new language

Grammar making you angry?

Imagine letting the words flow out without first worrying is it masculine or feminine? Or how do I conjugate this verb?

That’s what I’d dreamed of happening for my first meeting with my French housemates but I froze trying to recall my boring grammar classes, all I could come up with was “it’s sunny” and “I’m sorry I’m late” neither of which were appropriate at the time.

If over-complicated grammatical terms and explanations stop you from uttering a sentence then leave them.

Grammar doesn’t need to be explained in this ridiculously over complicated way it often is. It’s better to work on sentences and dialogues first then look at the grammar around them without all the fancy words.

Most people can’t explain the grammar of their native language so don’t let grammar stop you!

To learn to speak you must speak!

This seems obvious but most people delay speaking until they’ve fully mastered grammar. When even most native speakers can’t explain every grammar rule and make mistakes why are we putting this pressure on ourselves?

To expect to fully master grammar before you start speaking is completely unrealistic.

SPEAKING is actually the BEST WAY to do it. I’ve NEVER had a problem being understood and work with my clients to ensure they enjoy the same successes.

Learning to speak a foreign language

Forget grammar (for now) – if you want to speak another language then first you must speak!

Consistency is key

And so I encourage my clients to opt for coaching packages with me rather than individual sessions because it keeps them accountable and they get far better results. Clients who attend regular coaching sessions see much better and faster results.

You really could do it…

In just 4 months you could be speaking, building friendships, travelling, finally feeling you belong. You won't envy those who speak foreign languages because you'll be one of them!

I’ll help you speak a language in just four months.  Book your free, no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more.  At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.

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