I’m an online language coach, fellow language learner, and unashamedly myself at all times! I coach you on HOW to learn languages, and how to become an independent learner. I work with people who want a different and fun approach.

I show you how to learn in a more natural way, through real world conversations, so from the beginning you learn how to form sentences, without getting frustrated and delayed by having to remember lots of grammar rules and terminology. So you can start to communicate from the beginning; which for most of us is the whole point of learning a language in the first place! This way of learning through conversation is similar to how we all learnt our native language, or languages.

Language learning is fun if you do it in a fun way!

How do you do this?

You simply forget about traditional language learning, especially grammar, and you just…..

Follow your fun!

This will be different for everyone because hey, we`re all different! Each lesson I teach is tailored especially to YOU!

How do you learn a language when you have no time?

I show you how to incorporate language learning into your everyday life so that it feels easier, and is less time-consuming.

Although I have had 19 years teaching experience in the performing arts I am still fairly new to language teaching but, I think this gives me a fresh approach, and is especially good for people who want a different way to learn.

After learning languages at school using a very traditional grammar based approach, and then again as an adult in a more natural way; influenced by polyglots I follow and tutors I have had, I have come to the conclusion that traditional language learning; concentrating on grammar rules and vocabulary lists, is a terrible way to learn a language.

For most of us it`s boring, and language learning has to be fun. There are so many easy and fun ways to bring language learning into your everyday routines.

Are you Scared of speaking?

I know how scary it is because I also spend my time learning foreign languages. I specialise in helping you build confidence so that you feel happy speaking, especially with native speakers.

I can help you to find friendly native speakers to practice with.

I have worked with many different types of people and ages, from shy violets to court jesters!

I’ll help you enjoy the journey instead of just focusing on the destination!

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