In this video I talk about what I believe is the biggest hack to learning a language quickly.

Things mentioned in this video:
*italki –

About me.

I help people to start speaking the languages they dream of and have the confidence to speak with native speakers.

I coach people on fun ways to learn languages, and help them to find the ways that best suit their personalities and lifestyle so that they can reach their speaking goals.

I work with people who`s main goal is to speak a language, and so they don`t want to be bogged down by writing and lots of grammar rules.

My aim is to:

*Help guide you.
*Help you set clear goals and work out what needs to be done and when.
*Help you understand why some things work for you and some don`t.
*Help you set up a learning schedule you will actually enjoy and stick to.

I am someone who won`t judge you and who you can vent to about things such as how ridiculously complicated the French language is, or “Oh god why can`t we just get rid of this whole masculine/feminine business!” I cannot be the only person who thinks this?!

I will help keep you accountable and give you a friendly kick up the butt when you need it!

Welcome to my world 🙂