Be Speaking by Summer

Special Offer

Available for a limited time only

Learn Languages like Polyglots do!

To celebrate the launch of this new type of coaching I’ve put together a neat, workable package, specifically designed to ensure you reach your speaking goals quickly.

And for the initial launch period I’m excited to offer this package at a fantastic discounted rate:

Here’s the deal:

This is a 4 month package consisting of:

  • A coaching session with me every week totaling to 16 sessions in the package. In these sessions I coach you on how to learn a language and help you cope with any obstacles that come your way to get you speaking quickly.
  • Personalized exercises set for you to do between sessions to help you stay on track to reach your goals.
  • Personalized mini-challenges set for you to do between sessions to help you overcome your blocks and barriers, keep your motivation up, and push you forward towards speaking.
  • Weekly email accountability reminders of your goals for the week.
  • Weekly WhatsApp or email check in chat to help keep you on track between coaching sessions.

The Speaking by Summer package is worth more than my top package but I am excited to offer it to you at a special discounted price for the initial launch period.

You can have all the above for a one off payment of just £228

or 4 monthly payments of £69.50 a month making it £278 in total.

Get Me Speaking!

I’ll help you speak a language in just four months.  Book your free, no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more.  At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.



The reason I work with 4 month packages as opposed to individual sessions is because learning a language takes consistency and time. I have seen much better progression and faster results from clients who have attended regular coaching sessions compared to those who have attended only a few as and when.


Here’s my guarantee:


I am as committed as you are to you achieving your language goals, therefore if you’re not speaking in 4 months I will work with you for a further one month for free!

As consistency and commitment is crucial to you achieving your language goals, to qualify for this guarantee you must have attended at least 14 of the 16 coaching sessions within the four month month period . Requests should be made at the end of the 4 month coaching package and within 30 days of the package finish date. Please email requests to 


Clients who pay the one off price will also qualify for offers on any coaching taken up straight after their initial 4 month package. This includes monthly rolling contracts which are a great idea for after the initial 4 month period to help you develop your language skills further, or just to maintain the level you worked hard to reach.

I hate it when people quote themselves but I’m gonna do it anyway, and then probably cringe every time I read it!

Learning another language has given me more freedom and joy than any amount of money could have brought me

– Kelly Parker

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