I’ve always enjoyed those podcasts where I feel like I really get to know someone and for me a lot of that comes from knowing what has made them the person they are today, and so in this first  podcast episode I wanted to give an introduction to myself and how I came to be working in languages. I also discus the types of people who can be successful languages learners, what the role of talent plays, and the most important things you need to be able to learn.

In this episode I mention my business coach Dan Johnston. Dan does more than just business coaching, he has an incredibly motivating story and a great sense of humour. You can check out everything he does on his website dreamsaroundtheworld.com  Or check out his YouTube channel and Podcast @ Dreams Around The World.


How awesome would it be if you could walk into a coffee shop and whether in Paris, Rome, Prague, or any other place you’re chatting to the locals? Imagine you’re in Paris, and so coffee in hand you linger there talking to the owner in French about a film you saw last night. But, you had the same French class as me, the Tricolore textbook with the flag. I would stare at it hoping a little beret wearing French man would spring out to liven things up. Fingers cramping from long vocab lists and grammar rules dutifully copied from the board, longing for the last three minutes of class when we got to utter the six words we’d been practicing all term

“Café au lait s’il vous plaît”

We knew it must be a phrase of great importance in France, why else would Mrs smith have dedicated an entire term to it!


Perhaps for you it’s travelling through South America using Spanish and Portuguese, a rail journey across Europe changing language with each country, or maybe you just want to understand what your Czech girlfriend’s father is actually saying about you!



I coach people on how to learn languages. If you have a question about language learning, my coaching, or even if you want to set up a chat over Skype about it feel free to contact me. Here is how you can get in touch.

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See you on the next podcast where I talk in depth to a guest on the show about their experiences learning languages, motivation, things we wish we’d known earlier and much more.

See you then, Bye for now!

Kelly 🙂


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