Try a different and fun approach

Language coaching for independent learners who don’t like language classes

How awesome would it be if you could walk into a coffee shop, and whether it be in French, Italian, Czech or any other language you’re chatting to the locals?

Imagine you’re in Paris. Coffee in hand you linger talking to the owner in French about your plans for the day.

Afterwards you wander into a small boutique and chat about this seasons fashions, then impress your French boyfriend’s parents over lunch by speaking the entire time in French. Showing that even English people can learn languages!

Fun learning languages
But you had the same language classes as me.

Tricolore textbook with the flag on.

Fingers cramping from vocab lists and grammar rules dutifully copied from the board, longing for the last three minutes of class when we got to show off the phrase we’d been practising all term…

“Café au lait s’il vous plaît”

We knew it must be of great importance, why else would Mrs smith have dedicated an entire term to it? Next term we’d graduate to asking for cheese in the Boulangerie!

We could conjugate verbs, recite the alphabet and write out grammar tables but could we talk to our exchange student about movies, the girl we had a crush on, or how we’d cried when Robbie left Take That, you know the important stuff?


But it didn’t matter we could impress them with our impressions of a robot buying a train ticket on the Paris metro, or a parrot at the doctors with a headache

“J’ai mal à la tête, J’ai mal à la tête”

and if there was a café au lait to be ordered or fromage to be brought we had it covered!

but… isn’t there more to life than that?

What languages do you dream of?

Perhaps for you it’s travelling through South America using Spanish and Portuguese, a rail journey across Europe changing language with each country.

Or maybe you just want to understand what your Czech girlfriend’s father is actually saying about you!

It’s beautiful to watch people seamlessly go from one language to another.

You’ve dreamed of having the freedom to talk to people and form friendships without language barriers. To travel and immerse yourself in different cultures.

Perhaps you dream of living in different counties, or reaching more people with your work, or travelling in your job.

What languages do you dream of learning?
Talking with Fonseca, creator of VisualPolitik

Want to use languages in the way you’ve always dreamed of?

I’ll help you speak a language in just four months.  Book your free, no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more.  At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.

Schools have a lot to answer for!

They focused on the wrong things, bored you to tears and stressed you out.

That’s why you struggled to learn then and why you probably now doubt you have it in you to learn a language.

I get it.

I’ve been there too, but when I decided to learn Afrikaans I took a completely different approach. In two years I was able to get further in Afrikaans than I ever did during ten years of learning French at school.

So what’s changed?

Simply put, I changed my approach, forgot about grammar and started having fun! Why do something in a way that’s boring and stressful just because that’s how it’s always been done?

Language coaching for independent learners who don’t  like language classes

Don’t go to language classes – be in charge of your own learning

With the internet and technology you have so many tools and resources from the best language people in the world at your fingertips, it actually makes no sense to go to the one person in your town who happens to speak Spanish so therefore they’re the Spanish teacher.

When we’re all so busy going to a language class every night isn’t easy, but spending just 15 minutes with a language app on your phone whilst commuting, or 10 minutes listening to a video whilst cooking is.

Language classes are okay for students or retirees who have time, but aren’t easy for working adults.

I know, I’ve been there, and that’s why I offer this service; to help you navigate the vast amount of resources available, know which will work best for YOU, and find great ways to fit them into your everyday life so you can learn without having to go to language classes.

The myths of language learning

THERE’S NO RIGHT OR WRONG in language learning, so forget what you were told at school.

The only requirement for learning languages is the desire to learn. The biggest obstacles you have are the myths.

Let’s dispel a few:

 I don’t have the talent for languages
The biggest myth of them all. There is NO special talent required.

I’m not clever enough
Plenty of stupid people can speak more than one language!

Language learning is boring and difficult
Only because schools and establishments have made it so.!

I’m too old, I should have learnt as a child
There’s NO “learn by” date stamped on languages, and adults are actually far more effective learners.

You need to have a lot of spare time
You DON’T need to be chained to a desk. Just 30 minutes of study a day done in the right way is incredibly effective.

You must live in the country
My Mother-in-Law has lived in South Africa for 50 years and still only speaks English.
I don’t, and speak Afrikaans.

You have everything you need – you just need guidance

Want to learn another language so you can talk about your mother-in-law without her knowing? Of course I would never do that(!)

I’ll help you speak a language in just four months.  Book your free, no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more.  At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.

In just 4 months from now you could be speaking a new language



With the right guidance you could be happily chatting with locals at a bar in Spain…

buying clothes at a boutique in Paris…

having ice-cream with your new friends in Italy…

or finally understanding what your Czech girlfriend’s Father is saying about you!

In just 4 months from now you could be speaking a new language. Where would you go? What would you do?

Welcome to the world of Kelly – the language coach extraordinaire!

Let me help you…

If you want to read more about me and learn why I’m the best person to help click HERE for the ABOUT PAGE.


If you simply can’t wait to get started then go ahead and book your free no obligation “Get Me Speaking” consultation to find out more. At the end of the consultation I’ll share three tips with you for remembering words.